Full instructions for the use of the Eco Hut (e.g. utilities, amenities, security) are provided in a booklet, but here are some general rules and instructions:

  • Respect the property and leave it as you found it
  • Exercise restraint in your use of electrical appliances so as not to drain the system (e.g. one appliance at a time, no major cooking in microwave)
  • Turn off power points when not in use
  • Notify us if you have any problem with the utilities rather than trying to fix it yourself
  • Use any available furniture (except black dining bench) inside or out, but store it inside if the weather is deteriorating or you plan to be away for the whole day. ┬áIt’s all very portable
  • Make sure everything is turned off and locked up in accordance with any instructions
  • Replace any basic food items that you use up
  • Make sure the fridge door is closed – it requires a double click